is a DNA testing site and DNA app store that analyzes DNA data and provides genetic reports.


DNA Testing

If you haven’t taken a DNA test or would like a more complete DNA test, they offer two types of DNA tests:

  • a $69 DNA swab test that provides data on 30 million genetic variants including the X, Y and MT chromosomes

  • a 30x whole genome sequencing service for $399, which fully sequences all chromosomes including X, Y and MT


Both tests include unlimited, confidential storage of the data as well as the ability to download the data for free at any time. With each test they also provide a unique ‘Universally Compatible DNA Data File’ that is designed for easy uploading to third-party sites such as GEDmatch and WikiTrees.



DNA App Store

If you’ve already DNA tested with another provider, you can upload your DNA to their site for FREE. All of the apps on their platform are universally compatible with all DNA test data including (but not limited to) 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, FTDNA, LivingDNA, as well as exome and whole genome sequencing data. Then choose a free app or purchase an app to receive reports.


The DNA app store includes these report topics:

  • Health
  • Ancestry
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Children
  • Art
  • Bioinformatics


Genealogy Genetic reports include:


Sample report from Ancestry & Genealogy app

Sample report from Ancestry & Genealogy app





Their Privacy First policy protects a person’s DNA data. They are BBB Accredited, GDPR compliant, HIPPA compliant, and Privacy Shield compliant.

This transparent policy makes it clear the person owns their data and that won’t sell or share their data, including their DNA data, with anyone.




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