Sharlot Hall Museum & Archives is a historic site and heritage museum and archive with four acres of exhibits, galleries, historic buildings, and collections in Prescott, Arizona.


Death Records

Yavapai County Death and Dispositions Database and Cemeteries – soon to be uploaded to a new site. Sources other than grave markers include obituaries from Yavapai County, Arizona newspapers; mortuary and death records; Social Security Death Index; files and records in Sharlot Hall Museum Archives. This is by no means all of the burials in the county. Because various sources were utilized there may be discrepancies in name spellings, dates and places.

Newspaper Obituary Index Project – Also see Obituaries at this link – an ongoing project of Sharlot Hall Museum Archives. The entries are mostly derived from Prescott, Arizona newspapers, and the database is being added to daily. Obituaries may list information about funeral services, burial sites, the deceased’s occupations and their participation in civic and religious organization, or be limited to name and date of death

Census Records

Yavapai County Census Index – The 1870, 1880, (why is there no 1890 Census?), 1900 and 1920 Yavapai County, Arizona Censuses have been indexed by the Sharlot Hall Museum. Last name, First name, age (1920 only), occupation (1920 only), precinct/enumeration district, and page numbers were recorded.

Land Records & Maps

Sharlot Hall Museum Map of Arizona – can click for maps within Arizona

Maps Collection


Daily Life Records

Sharlot Hall Museum Photographs – The Sharlot Hall Museum Archives preserves and makes available photographs representing several dozen eclectic topics regarding Prescott, Yavapai County and Arizona. As of February, 2011, over 12,000 images in our collection are viewable online

Hampton Funeral Home – more than 4,000 records of residents

Yavapai County Old Age Pension 1933-1937 – The Index contains names of people who received a Yavapai County Old Age Pension during the period 1933-1937, and is searchable below. For further research, Yavapai County Old Age Pension file is available at the Archives, containing papers such as: Affidavit and Application for Old Age Pension, Questionnaire Relating to Application for Old Age Pension, letters proving age and newspaper obituaries. Arizona 1933 Old Age Pension Act – According to the Prescott Journal Miner Newspaper, dated 27 Apr 1933: “A total of twenty-two states have now adopted old-age pension laws. In these states indigent men and women who are too old to work will not have to go to the poorhouse and suffer the stigma of pauperization. Instead they will be able to draw regular incomes from their state treasuries, and while these incomes will not be large they will at least keep their recipients from starvation and will save their self-respect.”

Arizona Pioneers’ Home Resident Index: 1911-2000 – This is an index to the Arizona Pioneers’ Home records. The site is being transferred to a new link. The Home was established by the Territory of Arizona in 1911 in order to take care of aged and infirm Arizonans. Initially, a “men only” institution (principally miners), a woman’s wing was added in 1916. Today the Pioneers’ Home admits “pioneers” who are at least 70 years of age and have been an Arizona resident for at least 50 years.



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