SK Translations is a German to English Language translation service specializing in old German handwriting and German genealogy and documents.


Katherine Schober is the owner of SK Translations. “As an experienced German genealogy translator, I provide you with high-quality German to English translations. With a Master’s Degree in German Language and Literature, as well as several years spent in German-speaking Austria through the prestigious Fulbright program, I’ve developed a strong passion for the German language, history and culture. Years of working with documents from the 1600s to the present have provided me with the necessary historical vocabulary, skills and knowledge for helping you piece together your family history, allowing you to get to know your ancestors and their stories.”


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SK Translations Premium Membership, $7.99/month – No minimum membership length – be a member for one month, three months or whatever best suits your genealogy needs. 


Read more about SK Translation Services and Projects and look at Sample Documents.


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