Slekt Og Data Haugaland | Family and Data Haugaland, formerly, DIS-Haugaland (Genealogy Data Haugaland), is a family history website.

It’s part of Slekt Og Data (Family and Data), formerly DIS-Norge (Genealogy Data Norway) for genealogy resources in the northern part of Rogaland county, Norway. Slekt Og Data Rogaland | Family and Data Rogaland is the companion site for free genealogy resources in the southern part of Rogaland county, Norway.

Members get full access to the website, guests have access to some collections which may include:

Cities/Municipalities in northern part of Rogaland County. On the right side of each city page there will be links to official sites for the city, Genealogy databases for the city, Census records available at DigitalArkiv for the city, and other possible resources for the city including churches and burials.


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