The South Carolina State Archives is available for online research at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History. The South Carolina State Archives has online birth records, land records, maps, military records, and more.




Birth Marriage and Death records #OnGenealogy

Birth, Marriage, & Death Records



Birth Records

Birth Certificates, 1915-1920






Residence records census land migration voting taxation #OnGenealogy

Residence Records


Map Collection

Maps, Photos, and Ephemera, 1900-1952

Maps of South Carolina

South Carolina Proprietary Counties, 1682

South Carolina Parishes of the Anglican Church

South Carolina Districts, 1769-1784

South Carolina Districts and Counties, 1785

South Carolina Districts and Counties, 1786-1790

South Carolina Districts, 1791-1799

South Carolina Districts and Counties, 1791-1799

South Carolina Districts, 1800-1814

South Carolina Districts, 1815-1867

South Carolina Counties, 1868-1870

South Carolina Counties, 1871-1877

South Carolina Counties, 1878-1907

South Carolina Counties, 1908-1915

South Carolina Counties, 1916-Present



Land Records

Plats for State Land Grants (1784-1868)

British and Private Records – Federal land grants for South Carolina War of 1812 military service, 1860

Local Records

Abbeville County – Conveyance Book Indexes , 1872-1925

Aiken County – Conveyance Book Indexes , 1872-1951

Allendale County – Conveyance Book Indexes , 1919-1982

Anderson County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1828-1948

Bamberg County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1897-1919

Barnwell County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1785-1936

Beaufort County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1863-1926

Berkeley County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1884-1929

Cherokee County – Conveyance Book Indexes, 1897-1969

Lexington County – Plat Books, 1906-2013

State Records

Combined Index to Records Series, 1675-1929

National Register of Historic Places



Pension Records

Williamsburg County – Confederate pension rolls, 1919-1973

York County – Confederate pension applications, 1919-1929

York County – Confederate widows pension applications, 1919-1938



Wills & Probate

Will Transcripts (1782-1855)




Daily Life Records school work church court government library social life #OnGenealogy

Daily Life Records


African American & Slavery

British and Private Records – searchable CD-ROM transcription of runaway slave advertisements in Charleston newspapers, 1766-1782



Court Records

Criminal Court Records (1769-1944)



British and Private Records – Campbell family papers, 1860-1886



Government Records

British and Private Records – photograph, 1922, SC Association of Auditors and Treasurers

Local Records

Abbeville County – Minutes of the Abbeville County Council, 2000-2015

Anderson County – Minutes of the Anderson County Council, 1977-2015

Bamberg County – Minutes of the Bamberg County Council, 2009-2015

Barnwell County – Minutes of the Barnwell County Council, 2010-2015

Berkeley County – Minutes of the Berkeley County Council, 2001-2009

Calhoun County – Minutes of the Calhoun County Council, 2011-2012

Charleston County – Minutes of the Charleston County Council, 2009-2015

Chesterfield County – Minutes of the Chesterfield County Council, 2007-2015

Clarendon County – Minutes of the Clarendon County Council, 2010-2015

Clarendon County – Briggs vs. Elliott, 1949-1950

Colleton County – Minutes of the Colleton County Council, 2012-2015

Darlington County – Minutes of the Darlington County Council, 2014-2015

Dillon County – Minutes of the Dillon County Council, 2011-2015

Florence County – Minutes of the Florence County Council, 2008-2015

Horry County – Minutes of the Horry County Council, 2004-2010

Jasper County – Minutes of the Jasper County Council, 2007-2015

Laurens County – Minutes of the Laurens County Council, 2008-2015

Lexington County – Minutes of the Lexington County Council, 2003-2015

Marion County – Minutes of the Marion County Council, 2013-2015

Marlboro County – Minutes of the Marlboro County Council, 2009-2015

Orangeburg County – Minutes of the Orangeburg County Council, 2010-2015

Pickens County – Minutes of the Pickens County Council, 2003-2015

Richland County – Minutes of the Richland County Council, 2000-2015

Spartanburg County – Minutes of the Spartanburg County Council, 1998-2015

Union County – Minutes of the Union County Council, 2006-2015

Cayce (S.C.) – Cayce City Council Minutes, 2005-2010

Columbia (S.C.) – The Columbia Plan: 2018, 2008

Legislative Papers (1782-1866)




Forestry Commission, South Carolina – Civilian Conservation Corps files (photographs), ca. 1934-1942

Combined Index to Records Series, 1675-1929




Wil Lou Gray School (West Columbia, SC) – Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1957-2018




Women, Commission on – Minutes of the Commission on Women, 2006-2009

Women, Commission on – Administrative, correspondence, and reference file, 2006-2009




Military records Wars Veterans #OnGenealogy

Military Records


Revolutionary War

Navy, Commissioners of the – Clerk’s pay bill book, 1778-1779



US Civil War

Records of Confederate Veterans (1909-1973)

Williamsburg County – Confederate pension rolls, 1919-1973

York County – Confederate pension applications, 1919-1929

York County – Confederate widows pension applications, 1919-1938



Medal of Honor Recipients

Pickens County – Medal of Honor dedications for soldiers from Pickens County, 2015



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