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“The South Carolina Digital Library provides free access to historic materials, such as photographs, manuscripts, journals, books, oral histories, objects, etc. illustrating the history and culture of South Carolina from over 40 cultural heritage institutions across the state. Over 200,000 items have been added so far.”

Free Greenville County South Carolina genealogy collections online include:

  • Alexander McBeth Store Ledger, 1794 “A handmade ledger book from 1794 belonging to Alexander McBeth & Company, who began operations in Greenville County in the early 1790s.”

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority “Photograph collection of Epsilon Tau Omega chapter members. The Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was founded in 1908 at Howard University by African-American women.”

  • American Spinning Company “Contains photographs of the mill, village, and people of the American Spinning Company from the private collection of Robert “Bob” H. Duke of Greenville.”

  • Brandon Mill “Collection of photographs of the Brandon Mill community from the Brandon Historical Society and SC Room Archives. Organized in 1899, Brandon Mill was completed and producing fabric by 1901.”

  • Broadsides from the Colonial Era to the Present “Broadsides is a virtual collection of posters from many different collections at the South Caroliniana Library.”

  • Businesses of Greenville County “Photograph collection of Greenville County businesses.”

  • Camp Sevier “Collection of photographs and other items from World War I Camp Sevier.”

  • Camp Wetherill “Collection of Camp Wetherill photographs located in Greenville in 1898.”

  • Camperdown Mill “Collection of photographs of Camperdown Mill and community from the SC Room Archives.”

  • Carolina Textile Mills Collection “The Carolina Textile Mills Collection provides photographs, maps, blueprints, ephemera, letters, guidebooks and more documenting textile mill history in Upstate South Carolina from various textile mill related collections held by the Clemson University Special Collections unit.”

  • Civil War Correspondence “Peruse over 100 letters from Furman alumni. The collection contains 16 letters from Samuel McBride Pringle and 91 letters between Charles M. Furman (son of the University’s first president) and his sweetheart Frances Garden.”

  • Clemson’s Cooperative Extension Service Photographs 1880-1979 “The physical collection consists of more than 11,000 positive and negative images produced by the Cooperative Extension Service and South Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station from the 1920s until the 1970s.”

  • Clubs, Organizations, and Sports “Photographs of Greenville County clubs, organizations, and sports.”

  •  Collected Papers of the Holland Family of Greenville County “A collection of personal and commercial documents created by or on behalf of members of the Holland family of Greenville. Includes eleven letters written during the Civil War, most of them from Confederate soldier Robert Holland to various family members.”

  • Collected Receipts of William Butler of Greenville “William Butler [1790-1850] moved to Greenville from Edgefield in 1825 where he began to practice as a country doctor. He was educated at the University of South Carolina and served as a surgeon during the War of 1812.”

  •  Colleges of Greenville County “Institutions of higher education in Greenville County.”

  •  Construction of Greenville’s Woodside Building “When the Woodside Building was constructed in Greenville in the early 1920s, it was a symbol of the city’s prosperity and ambition.”

  •  Coroner Reports “Greenville County coroner reports from February 1894 to November 1896 during the services of coroner James Sullivan Meeks. From the private collection of Scott Stephens of Greenville.”

  •  Downtown Greenville “Photographs of Downtown Greenville, SC.”

  •  Dunean Mill “Collection of photographs of the Dunean Mill and community from the private collection of Marshall Williams. Owned by Ellison Adger Smyth, Dunean Mill opened in 1912 to produce cotton goods. The mill was named after the Irish village where Smyth’s ancestors lived. In 1935 Dunean switched to rayon and other synthetic fibers.”

  •  Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Real Estate Indentures Collection “The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Real Estate Indentures Collection features images of rare and original handwritten documents that tell the history of Georgetown County. The collection includes real estate indentures, land grants, survey maps, conveyance of land, titles, mortgages and agreements from the early residents including the Brockingtons, the Fords, the Heywards, the Porchers …”

  •  Estes Plant “Collection of photographs of the Estes Plant from the Piedmont History Collection. The Estes Plant opened June 1964 by J.P. Stevens and shortly replaced Piedmont Manufacturing production.”

  •  Family Bible Records “This collection contains Bible records for a number of South Carolina families. They date from the late 1700s to the late 1900s. The Bible records contain information on births, marriages, deaths, and other notable events that occurred within the families.”

  • Forward Together, South Carolina in World War I

  • Furman Magazine since 1951 at Furman University

  • Furman University Army ROTC

  • Furman University Catalogs and Bulletins “This growing collection currently includes 57 of the Greenville Woman’s College Catalogs/Bulletins dating from 1857 through 1937. The collection will eventually contain all the Catalogs for both Greenville Woman’s College and Furman University.”

  • Furman University Historical Images “This collection contains over 2,000 historical images of Furman University including photographs and glass plate negatives from Furman University (both the downtown Greenville campus and the current campus) and Greenville Woman’s College. The images from this collection date from 1865 through 1989 with the majority of the images from the 1930s – 1960s.”

  • Furman University Postcard Collections

  • Furman University Student Newspapers “This digital collection contains copies of the Furman University student newspaper publications: The Furman Hornet (1916-1961) as well as issues of Furman’s current newspaper, The Paladin, from 1961-1999.”

  • Furman University Yearbooks “This growing collection will ultimately contain digitized copies of all the Furman University and Greenville Woman’s College yearbooks. Currently, the collection includes the Bonhomie yearbooks from 1901 – 2010, and selected Entre Nous yearbooks from 1912-1931.”

  • Green Avenue Neighborhood “Photographs of the Green Avenue neighborhood, which encompasses Jenkins, Casey, Lincoln, Nelson, and McLeod Streets, plus part of Anderson Road. Traditionally an African American neighborhood …”

  • Greenville Army Air Base “Photographs of the Greenville Army Air Base.”

  • Greenville Civic and Commercial Journal

  • Greenville County Coroner Reports, from 1894 to 1896

  • Greenville County Government Services “Photograph collection of government services in Greenville County.”

  • Greenville County Library System – Fountain Inn Branch “Photographs of Fountain Inn library branch over the years. The first library in Fountain Inn was founded by the Village Improvement Society, but it unfortunately burned down in 1920. In 1926, the Greenville County Library System established a branch in Fountain Inn and it was located in storefronts for 40 years.”

  • Greenville County Library System – Greer Branch “Founded in the fall of 1925, the Greer Library was the first Library branch in the county. In 1938, it also became the first to erect its own building, the Davenport Memorial Library on School Street. Its downstairs meeting room provided a place for local clubs to meet, including the USO during World War II.”

  • Greenville County Library System – Taylors Branch “Collection of photographs from the SC Room Archives of the Taylors library branch. The Taylors Branch of the Greenville County Library was founded on November 20, 1973. In the 1920s the Bookmobile had been begun stopping every other week in Taylors at the First Baptist Church …”

  • Greenville County Library System – Pelham Branch “Collection of photographs from the SC Room Archives of the Pelham Road (Eastside) branch.”

  • Greenville Health System “Photographs of the Greenville Health System (formerly Greenville Hospital System) over the past 100 years. Photographs loaned for digitization by the Greenville Health System.”

  • Greenville Promotional Materials “Greenville, SC has marketed itself a variety of ways over the years to attract new residents and businesses. These promotional pamphlets include photographs, demographic data, and information on local businesses, institutions, and organizations.”

  • Greenville’s Jewish Community “A collection of photographs from private collections, digitized by the Greenville County Library System.”

  • Greer High School Yearbooks “This collection includes yearbooks from Greer High School scanned in collaboration with the Greer Heritage Museum. While Greer’s yearbook changed names over the years, the early ones were known as The Bantam. “

  • Greer Textiles “Collection of photographs of the Estes Plant from the Piedmont History Collection. The Estes Plant opened June 1964 by J.P. Stevens and shortly replaced Piedmont Manufacturing production. The old Piedmont Manufacturing buildings were converted into warehouse space.”

  • Heyward Album “This Civil War-era photograph album contains cartes-de-visite photographs of members of the S. C. Secession Convention, Confederate and U.S. Governments, officers of the Confederate and U.S. Armies, S.C. governors, and officers of the South Carolina Volunteers 1st Regiment of Rifles.”

  • Historical Commission of South Carolina Pamphlets “Topics covered include: agriculture, Civil War regimental histories, education and schools, geology, industry, medicine, Native American tribes, nature, nullification, the Revolutionary War, the Reconstruction Era (1865-1877) …”

  • Historical Newspapers “View selected issues of the Greenville Daily Herald, The Charleston Courier, The Carolina News and Guide, Cohen’s Weekly, the Illinois State Register, and other historical newspapers dating from 1851 – 1963.”

  • J. Marion Sims Letters “The J. Marion Sims Letters, 1858-59 and 1880-1881, consist of four original letters from J. Marion Sims to Gen. Waddy Thompson of Greenville, South Carolina (1858-1859); to O.B. Mayer (1880); and Tom Taylor (1881). His letters refer to patients suffering with fibrous tumors of the uterus and ovarian cysts or tumors.”

  • Kenneth Frederick Marsh Photograph Collection “Many of the over 700 photographs by Kenneth Frederick Marsh (d. 1968) available in this collection have not been published. Some were used to illustrate books by photographer Marsh and his wife, Blanche Marsh.”

  • Lincoln Farm Association South Carolina Member Cards “The Lincoln Farm Association Member Cards is a collection of over 140,000 individual and organization names who donated to build the memorial at the farmstead of Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, which later came to be the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.”

  • McBee Sons & Company Store Ledger Book, 1846 – 1861 “The bulk of the entries in this handwritten ledger book date from 1846 and 1847 and are arranged chronologically, offering a day-by-day account of the individuals who transacted business with McBee Sons & Co.”

  • Mills Atlas of the State of South Carolina “The 1825 publication of Robert Mills’ Atlas of the State of South Carolina marked an American cartographic first. This volume is the first systematic atlas of any state in the union.”

  •  Mills Mill “Collection of photographs of Mills Mill and community from the private collection of Marshall Williams. The Mills Manufacturing Co. was organized in 1895 with Otis P. Mills as president. The mill began operation in 1897 and produced fabric until the mill’s close in 1978.”

  • Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches in South Carolina, 1785-1920 “This digital collection from the USC’s South Caroliniana Library comprises nearly 400 volumes of Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches in South Carolina between 1785 and 1920.”

  • Monaghan Mill “Collection of photographs of Monaghan Mill and community from the Monaghan Historical Society. Organized by cousins Thomas and Lewis Parker in 1900 and named for their grandfather’s birthplace, Monaghan operated for a century.”

  •  Negro Travelers’ Greenbook, 1956

  • Neves Family Civil War Letters “The Neves family of the Mush Creek Community in Greenville District sent three sons to fight in the Civil War, William (W.P.Z.F), John (J.P.), and George (G.W.) Neves, as well as a son-in-law, Andrew Waldrop.”

  • Newsletters and Pamphlets “Browse selected newsletters and pamphlets scanned from microfilm.”

  • Oral Histories “Interviews with residents of Greenville County and Upstate South Carolina.”

  • Papers of the Smith and Wells Families, 1856-1914 “This collection from the South Caroliniana Library consists primarily of the Civil War letters of Edward Laight Wells, discussing the mood in Charleston during the secession crisis in 1860, fighting with the Hampton’s Legion 1864-1865, and the immediate aftermath of the war.”

  • Parker High School “Photographs of Parker High School (1923-1985) from the SC Room archives and private collections.”

  • Pelzer Mill “Collection of photographs of Pelzer Mill and community from the Pelzer Heritage Commission. The Pelzer Manufacturing Company was organized in 1880 and began operations in 1882. The mill expanded rapidly during the 1880s and 1890s. During the 20th century it changed hands several times before closing in the late 1990s.”

  • People of Greenville County “Historic photographs of people from the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room photograph collection and contributions from Greenville County residents.”

  • Piedmont Image Collection “This collection of photographs documents several days in the town of Piedmont, a South Carolina mill town in Anderson and Greenville counties. Taken by an itinerant photographer in the mid-1930s, the images were produced on a film strip to be shown at the local movie theater.”

  • Piedmont Manufacturing Company “Collection of photographs of the Piedmont Manufacturing Company from the Piedmont History Collection. Piedmont Manufacturing Company was established in 1873 by Henry Pickney Hammett along the Saluda River.”

  • Places of Worship and Cemeteries “Photographs of places of worship and cemeteries in Greenville County.”

  • Poe Mill “Contains photographs of the mill and community of Poe Mill from the private collection of Gary L. O’Steen and South Carolina Room Archives. Established and owned by Francis Winslow Poe, the mill began operations in 1897 producing cotton fabric. The mill changed hands twice over the years and operated until 1977.”

  • Poinsett Mills “Collection of photographs of Poinsett Mill from the private collection of Alvin Henson. Originally organized as Carolina Mills in a 1900, it was later renamed Poinsett Mills. The mill ceased operations in 1981, but the building still survives as part of the Reynolds Company.”

  • Renfrew Bleachery “Photograph collection of Renfrew Bleachery and community from the Travelers Rest Historical Society. Renfrew Bleachery opened in 1928 and operated for 60 years before closing in 1988.”

  • Residences “Photographs of historic residences in Greenville County.”

  • Richard Furman and James C. Furman Collection “The Richard Furman and James C. Furman collection contains over 750 letters and 18 sermons of Richard Furman (1755-1825), the namesake of Furman University and his son, James Clement Furman (1809-1891), Furman University’s first president who served from 1859-1879.”

  • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of South Carolina

  • Schools of Greenville County “Photographs of Greenville County schools past and present.”

  • Selected Civil War-Era Pamphlets “The short publications in this collection were selected from the South Carolina Room’s extensive collection of pamphlets and fliers.”

  • Slater Mill “Collection of photographs from the Slater Hall Citizens’ Committee. Slater Mill was built in 1927 and still operates today. Originally a cotton mill, it later shifted to rayon, fiberglass, and other synthetics.”

  • South Carolina Aerial Photograph Indexes, 1937-1989

  • South Carolina and the Civil War

  • South Carolina Book Collection

  • South Carolina Department of Transportation County Road Maps “This is a collection of over 700 South Carolina county road maps from 1930s to the 1990s, courtesy of the University of South Carolina Thomas Cooper Map Collection.”

  • South Carolina Federal Documents Collection “The South Carolina State Library maintains a print collection of federal documents as a member of the Federal Depository Library Program. Many of these documents are about South Carolina or include topics of regional interest.”

  • South Carolina in Postcards “This collection contains picture postcards from the early part of the twentieth century that depict scenes across South Carolina. Items in this collection are held by the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.”

  • South Carolina Medical Association Oral History Collection “oral history interviews of 24 past presidents of the South Carolina Medical Association (SCMA).”

  • South Carolina Library Buildings Collection

  • South Carolina Railroads Photograph Collection

  • South Carolina School Directories “Since 1911 the South Carolina State Department of Education has published a yearly directory of schools in the state.”

  • South Carolina State Documents Depository Collection “These publications provide citizens with crucial information about state government, including statistics, annual accountability reports, and data on a wide variety of topics related to the state.”

  • South Caroliniana Library Map Collection

  • Steel Heddle “Collection of photographs from the private collection of Bill Karst of Steel Heddle. Steel Heddle of Philadelphia opened a textile equipment factory in Greenville in 1923. The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and was bought out in the 2000s.”

  •  Taylors “Taylors’ history begins with the opening of the Chick Springs resort community in 1840. Nearby in 1869, Alfred Taylor finished acquiring all the land that would eventually become the heart of Taylors and successfully lobbied for the railroad to be built through his property a few years later.”

  • Textile Hall “Photographs of Greenville’s Textile Hall from the South Carolina Room Archives…”

  • Topographical Maps of South Carolina, 1888-1975

  • Transportation in Greenville County “Methods of transportation from Greenville’s past.”

  • Union Bleachery “Collection of photographs of Union Bleachery and community from the Union Bleachery Historical Society. Union Bleachery began operations in September 1903.”

  • United Spanish War Veterans Ledger “This printed ledger book listing the members of Post 7, South Carolina Department of the United Spanish War Veterans. Information recorded in the ledger includes dates and places of birth, dates of service, home addresses and the names of closest relatives. This ledger is held by the Greenville County Library System’s South Carolina Room.”

  • Ware Family Manuscripts “Selected manuscripts from The Ware Family Collection housed in the Furman University Special Collections and Archives. The materials primarily represent Thomas Edwin Ware’s business interests in the 19th century. The collection includes land grants, plats, liens, deeds, receipts, and slave documents. Learn more about The Ware Family Collection.”

  • Women’s Education in Early 20th Century Greenville “In the first part of the 20th century, Greenville South Carolina was home to two colleges for women, Chicora College and the Greenville Woman’s College. This collection of materials, which includes yearbooks dating from 1901 to 1930, provides insights into both the everyday life and the academic world of young women of that era.”

  • Woodside Family of Greenville “Collection of photographs of the Woodside family who were responsible for much of Greenville’s industrial, financial, and civic development in the early 20th century.”

  • Woodside Mill “Collection of photograph of the Woodside Mill and community from the private collection of John Hall and the SC Room Archive. Organized by the John T. Woodside along with his brothers, the mill began operation in 1903.”

  • World War II Letters to Evelyn Dill “Selected World War II letter to Evelyn Rowell Dill of Greenville. Each letter describes life in training camps, overseas, or on the homefront. Evelyn married one of her correspondents, David McNeely, in 1953, but they divorced by 1960.”

  • WPA Federal Writers Project Materials on African American Life in South Carolina

  • WPA Photograph Collection

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