Speechy is an inexpensive ($4) app for iOS devices that provides speech recognition tools and makes it easy to convert your voice to text. It’s available in 88+ languages. Speechy can also be used to translate your dictated text into other languages.

You can then select the Share icon and send the text, audio, or audio and text file to accounts including:

  • an email account
  • a messaging account
  • any storage account on your smart phone
  • AirDrop with iPhones
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • and more

“Who Should Use Speechy?

1. Reporters: Interviews, conversations and more are easily recorded and transcribed, preserving the original audio.

2. Writers: Novelists, Authors, Wattpad and fanfiction users can all write in their true voice, capturing their moments of inspiration anytime, anywhere.

3. Professionals: Doctors, lawyers, managers, etc. Easily transcribe your daily tasks, notes, conference calls, letters and more! Your voice makes it happen!

4. Elderly or Disabled: Eliminates slow typing, commonly misspelled words or embarrassing composition mistakes. Speechy makes it convenient and easy to send and share your words with those you love.

5. Language Students: Easily learn and master new words and languages by practicing dictation with Speechy!”



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