This site is currently down. You can look at the Sri Lanka Message boards at RootsWeb and if the Sri Lanka Genealogy Website comes back online we’ll make this listing active again.

There’s a free, online Sri Lanka Genealogy Website ( at RootsWeb with many Sri Lanka Family trees and helpful Sri Lanka Genealogy links.

This site has a search engine where you can search for a name, place, phrase by putting it in the search window in quotation marks.

  • Family Trees

    • Sinhalese Family Genealogy & many


    • Tamil Family Genealogy & many


    • Moor Family Genealogy &

      many more

    • Malay Family Genealogy & many


    • Memon Family Genealogy & many


    • Dawoodi Bohra Family Genealogy & many more

    • Burgher Family Genealogy & many


    • Colombo Chetty Family Genealogy & many more

    • Parsi Family Genealogy & many more

  • History

    • many links

  • Geography

  • People

    • many biographical links

  • Alumni

    • many school & class links

  • Literature

    • several books

  • Census and Name Lists

  • Notables in Ceylon in the Year 1760

    • many more links and records

  • Serendipity

    • many links and records

  • Military

    • many links and records

  • Communities

    • many links and records

  • Help & FAQ

  • Molecular (DNA) Genealogy

  • The Genebase Project

  • Naming Conventions of Sri Lanka 

  • Obituaries [1999 to date] 

  • Public Record Center

  • National Anthem by the Army Band 

  • Birth Dates 

  • Pictures 

  • Awards 

  • Asia Trade Links 

  • Sitemap 

  • AsianGenWeb

  • Sri Lanka Message Board

RootsWeb also hosts searchable Sri Lanka records at this site.

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