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St. Joseph County Marriage Index is a Marriage Index (http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mistjose/marriages/oldmarriages.htm?cj=1&netid=cj&o_xid=0000584978&o_lid=0000584978&o_sch=Affiliate+External) for the years 1889-1925 in St. Joseph County, Michigan.

This Index contains all the names, male and female that comprise two marriage license books, G and H, for all persons who applied for marriage licenses in the county of St. Joseph, Michigan during the years 1889 – 1925. Book G represents all people applying from 1889 through 1909; Book H from 1910 through 1925.”

“Part of this Index was typed and part of it was written in ink. In editing these records the only changes made were the typed portions in given names when it was obvious letters had been transposed. No changes were made in the surnames. If we weren’t sure of a spelling, we requested a check in the actual records for clarification.”

“Every effort has been made to make these files as error free as possible for you to use them as tools in looking for places to further your genealogical research. This file is not meant to be taken as documentation for your family file. It is a help file. You will need to contact the County Clerk’s Office to obtain certified copies of the originals for documentation.”


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