St. Patrick Cemetery in Lowell, Massachusetts has online burial listings from 1895-current year.

Saint Patrick Cemetery, Gorham Street gate; Lowell, MA; 2011-09-11

Burial Listings from 1895 thru the current year are provided.  Records from 1832 to 1894 at St. Patrick Cemetery are incomplete and are not available online at this point in time.”



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  1. I’m looking for my family’s burial plot, last Name ‘Ault’ there should be Raymond died jan.3rd 1913, parents where Joseph and Catherine Ault. They also had Owen and Joseph Jr. And a daughter Mary. Can someone please help me find the family lot.

    1. Carol,

      We aren’t professional genealogy researchers but you can use to find a researcher where your family lived or call the free FamilySearch help line at 1-866-406-1830 and ask them to explain some good research options for finding your family.

      Best with your research!


    2. Carol,
      Have you tried contacting St. Patrick’s Cemetery in Fall River, MA? The death certificate for Raymond states that he died in Fall River.


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