The State Archives in Częstochowa in Poland has free, online genealogy collections and onsite collections for family history research. Years range from 1615 to the 20th century and the majority of the collections are from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The area covered includes formerly Prussian and Russian land and some parts of Upper Silesia and the records are in German and Russian. (You can copy and paste to Google Translate for any language help you may need.)


Online Collections:

Online collections are found

There are over 1,500 Vital and Civil record collections, in addition to other record types, at Szukajwarchiwach from The State Archives of Częstochowa. A few collections include:

  • Ciasna, community Ciasna 1879-1883 civil birth records
  • Ciasna, community Ciasna 1879-1883 civil marriage records
  • Ciasna, community Ciasna 1879-1883 civil death records
  • Cieszowa, community Koszęcin 1912-1913
  • Cieszowa, community Koszęcin 1874-1935
  • Cieszowa, community Koszęcin 1874-1935
  • Cieszowa, community Koszęcin 1911
  • Cieszowa, community Koszęcin 874-1915
  • Akta miasta Częstochowy 1759-1948


Onsite collections:

  • Record files (books of births, marriages, and deaths) of Roman Catholic parishes, evangelicals – Augsburg, Orthodox and communes of the Mosaic religion from the area of the former Częstochowa province.
  • Censuses and books of residents of cities and communes, drafts of books, repatriates’ lists or files of notaries from Częstochowa, Kłobucka, Lubliniec and Żarek.
  • Court files, files of schools, family and property files, guilds, files of cities, and more.


You can copy and paste text into Google Translate if you can’t read the original language.


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