The State Archives in Gdansk | Archiwum Państwowe w Gdańsku in Poland has free, online genealogy records as well as onsite genealogy records.

Collections come from: “Gdańsk, Kartuzy, Kościerzyna, Starogard Gd., Tczew, Puck, Wejherowo, Lębork / Wschodnie, communes.”

The State Archives in Gdansk also has a Branch in Gdynia.

Online Collections:


Onsite Collections: 

The State Archives in Gdansk has:

  • Birth, Marriage, and Death records including:
    • from 1-10-1874 to around 1914 [records younger than 100 years are still kept in territorially competent civil registry offices]
    • civil registry files, so-called Napoleon – from the years 1809-1814 from the area of the 1st Free City of Gdańsk
    • files of civil status of evangelicals and catholic parishes (from roughly 1814 to 30-09-1874)
    • record books of Evangelical and Catholic parishes, mainly from before the 19th century, sporadically occur also from 1875-1945 [most of the preserved books are kept in church archives]
  • Population records:
    • registration files from larger cities (Gdańsk and Elbląg, from before 1900) and parts of rural communes.
  • Other:
    • personal files, civic registers and family lists in city files, lists of masters, journeymen and pupils of Guilds of Pomeranian cities, unofficial manuscripts “Bibliotheca Archivi” (300, R), containing, among others, dozens of documents with genealogical materials of Gdańsk families from before 1800.
    • akta sądów obwodowych / I-szej instancji / XIX-th century to 1945, mainly mortgage and land files / a large amount of materials helpful for genealogical searches, above all from the courts in Starogard Gd., Kartuzach, Kościerzyna, Tczew; / the collection of wills of the Court Peripheral in Gdansk, notarial files
    • tax documentation, cadastral files, banks documentation
    • documentation of Polish shipping lines, including passenger lists / including entire families / from 1930-1939
    • documentation related to signing the so-called the German national list in 1939-1944 – partially preserved; Files of the Police Presidium in Gdańsk and the Senate of the Free City of Gdańsk, where changes of names were registered before 1945.
    • files of the Central Trust Office Wschód, the Trust Office of Gdańsk-West Prussia, managing the confiscated Polish private and state assets
    • school documentation fragmentary preserved
    • registers of displaced persons and repatriates after 1945.


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