The State Archives in Kalisz | Archiwum Państwowe w Kaliszu in Poland has free, online genealogy collections as well as onsite family history collections.


About the collections: “The specificity of the Kalisz Archives is that while operating on the territory of two former partitions, ie Prussia and Russia (the Prosna river was the border), it keeps files created by two different office systems, written in two different languages (German and Russian). This is best seen on the example of records and marital status. The record files were created by religious institutions (parishes) that also functioned as civil registry offices in the Russian partition. They were run (from 1868) in Russian, written in Cyrillic, and all births, marriages and deaths from a given year are gathered in one book. On the other hand, civil status files constitute a product of secular civil registry offices established in 1874 in the Prussian state. They are written neo-Gothic, in German, and births, marriages and deaths were recorded in separate books.”


Online Collections:

The State Archives of Kalisz has a downloadable document with links to all their currently digitized collections.

Kalisz has thousands of digitized collections, including vital records, and these are at
You can see all online collections from the State Archives in Kalisz by searching at and filtering results by this archive. Here’s a link to the search results with thousands of digitized collections.

You can copy and paste text into Google Translate if you can’t read the original language.

Onsite Collections:

Onsite collections especially pertinent to genealogy include:
Birth, Marriage, and Death records, both Parish and Civil

  • files of civil status of civil registry offices
  • record files: Roman Catholic parish, Evangelical-Augsburg parish, religious districts, Orthodox parish in Kalisz, Greek Catholic parish in Kalisz
  • record files of various parishes from the area of the former Kalisz voivodship from 1808-1946 (these are, among others, individual documents for married acts, evidence for civil acts, files for announcements and marital contracts)
  • detailed information about records and marital status is contained in the PRADZIAD database

Census and other Government records

  • registration books from the following districts: Jarociński, Kalisz, Kępno, Krzeszno, Ostrzeszów
  • registration cards of the population of the towns of Kalisz, Krotoszyn, Pleszew and the commune of Sokolniki
  • General information (on the level team) includes the SEZAM database, more detailed (at the unit level), the ELA database.

Court Records

  • Court files from the nineteenth and twentieth century from the area of the former Kalisz voivodship, containing wills, inheritance, guardianship, guardianship, recognition of the deceased, land and mortgage, as well as files of Nazi prisons / penal camps in Kalisz and Ostrów Wielkopolski. General information (on level band) includes the SEZAM database.

Notarial Records

  • Files of the notaries of the Kalisz, Kępno, Krotoszyn, Ostrów, Ostrzeszów and Pleszew poviats from 1808-1951. General information (on the level team) includes the SEZAM database.

School & Cultural Records

  • files of Kalisz schools (Kalisz Provincial School, Kalisz College of Realities, Kalisz Real School, Female Gymnasium in Kalisz) from 1775-1914
  • State Junior High School in Ostrów Wlkp (1846-1935)
  • Pedagogical Lyceum in Kalisz and Krotoszyn
  • Teachers’ seminar in Koźmin
  • Teachers’ College in Kalisz


Hours of Operation

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Wednesday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Thursday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Friday: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
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