The State Archives in Kielce | Archiwum Państwowe w Kielcach in Poland has free, online genealogy collections as well as onsite family history collections.

There is one branch archive:

The State Archives in Kielce Branch in Sandomierz (ul. Żydowska 4
27-600 Sandomierz
tel./fax. 15 832 25 09

About the collections

The archive has five chronological periods of documents:
 Old Polish Period…”the commune registers of the city of Janikowo (1771 – 1781) and the city of Tarłów (1771 – 1811); files of the Skotnicki family (1563 – 1774); files from Brzuchowski (1771 – 1729); extracts from town records (1764 – 1783); documents regarding goods from the Kielce Province (1378 – 1739); record books of the Roman Catholic parish in Szewna (1695 – 1797) and in Koniecpol (1582 – 1775) and finally documents of the Rural Court of the village of Świątniki, area Sandomierski (1518 – 1810).”
Post-partition period
Interwar period
The period of World War II
The post-war period … More information about each period and records pertaining to those years.

Online Collections:

The State Archives in Kielce has thousands of digitized collections, including vital records, and these are at
You can see all online collections from the State Archives in Kielce and the Branch in Sandomierz by searching at and filtering results by these archives. Here’s a link to the search results with thousands of digitized collections.

You can copy and paste text into Google Translate if you can’t read the original language.

Here is a table with links to collections at

Collection/Fond Description Coverage (Years)
21/553/0,  Civil registry files of the Gowarczów District  (1826-1875)
21/563/0 Civil registry files of the Przedbórz District (1826-1871)
21/582/0,    Civil registry files of the Synagogue District in Opoczno (1826-1874)
21/594/0,  Files of civil status of the Synagogue District in Klwów  (1851-1874)
21/597/0,   Civil registry files of the Synagogue District in Przysucha  (1826-1864 & 1866 &1868)
21/1700/0,    Civil registry files of the Roman Catholic Parish in Brzeg i (1810-1914)
21/1701/0,   Records of civil status of the Roman Catholic Parish in Chomentów  (1810-1941)
21/1702/0,    Records of civil status of the Roman Catholic Parish in Cierno  (1810-1912)
21/1703/0,   Records of civil status of the Roman Catholic Parish in Imielno  (1810-1936)
21/1704/0,   Civil registry files of the Roman Catholic Parish of Saint. Of the Holy Trinity in Jędrzejów ( 1812-1915)
21/1706/0,   Civil registry files of the Roman Catholic Parish in Kozłów (1811-1915)
21/1707/0,   Civil registry files of the Roman Catholic Parish in Krzcięcice  (1810-1912)
21/1708/0,    Civil registry files of the Roman Catholic Parish in Łukowa  (1811-1909)
21/1710/0,    Files of civil status in the Małogoszcz District  (1826-1931)
21/1726/0,   Files of civil status of the Sobków District (1810) 1826-1941)
21/1731/0,    Files of civil status of the Synagogue District in Wodzisław (1826-1913 & 1929-1934)
21/1871/0,    Files of civil status of the Synagogue District in Secemin  (1826-1869)
21/1874/0  Files of the civil status of the Synagogue District in Szczekociny  (1826-1865 [1942])


Onsite Collections:

You can use SEZAM to search for collections at the archive. Here is an example of a search for collections at The State Archives in Kielce and another for the Branch in Sandomierz.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if you would like to receive advice on how to create and look after a family archive, or if you are considering submitting family history documents to the State Archives to help historians, or maybe you have found documents that you think may be of historical value and deserve For permanent behavior, please contact us:

– at telephone number 41 260 53 11, ext. 221

or sending correspondence to the following address:

– e-mail:
– State Archives in Kielce, 25-045 Kielce, ul. Kusociński with the note “Family Archive”

We also invite you to the action page “Become a family archivist!” , organized by the Supreme Directorate of State Archives.”
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Monday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Tuesday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Wednesday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Thursday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm
Saturday: Closed
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