The State Archives in Przemyśl | Archiwum Państwowe w Przemyślu in Poland has free, online genealogy collections as well as onsite family history collections. This archive performs paid genealogy research upon request.


About the Collections:

The archive has collections for the years 1291-2016.


  • Mainly from the Galician cadastre, a collection of posters, posters from Przemyśl, a collection of photographs and manuscripts of scientific and literary works.

City Records

  • Brzozowa, Cieszanowa, Jarosław , Jaśliska, Kańczuga, Krosno, Leżajsk, Lubaczów, Przemyśl , Sanok, Przeworsk , Radymno, Rudnik, Sieniawa, Nowe Miasto.

Religious Institutions including Greek Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Israeli

  • Archives of the Greek Catholic Bishopric in Przemyśl (1291 … 1946)
  • Record files of Roman Catholic parishes from the diocese of Przemyśl from 1737-1946 and from the deanery of the Lviv Roman Catholic archdiocese of Lviv from 1823-1864
  • Files of seniors and parish of the Augsburg and Helvetic denominations from the period 1789-1939 (seniors in Brigidau, Hartfeld, Jarosław, Lwów, religious denominations of Raniżów and Przemyśl)
  • Files of Israeli religious communes: Bukowsko (1897 – commune’s statute), Jarosław (1877- metrics),
    Leżajsk (1826-1866- metrics), Oleszyce (1814-1876-metrics), Przemyśl (1790-1893-)


  • Town courts:  Biecz, Brzozów, Dubiecko, Dynów, Frysztak, Przemyśl, Rzeszów, Sanok, Sokołów, and Żmigród.
  • District courts : Bukowsko, Cieszanów, Dębica, Dukla, Głogów, Gorlice, Jarosław, Jasło, Kolbuszowa, Krosno, Lubaczów, Łańcut, Mielec, Nisko, Przemyśl, Przeworsk, Radomyśl Wielki, Radymno, Ropczyce, Strzyżów, Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadów.
  • District courts: Jasło, Przemyśl, Rzeszów.
  • Citizens’ courts: Błażowa, Głogów Małopolski, Tyczyn


  • files of primary and secondary schools as well as school administration from Przemyśl and poviats:
    Gorlicki, Jarosławski, Krosno, Leski, Leżajsk, Lubaczów, Mielec, Przeworsk and Ustrzyki.
  • files of cooperatives, banks, credit institutions, social institutions, trade unions and associations from the 19th-20th centuries
  • family and property archives and private collections


Online Collections:

The State Archives in Przemyśl has thousands of digitized collections, including vital records, and these are at

You can see all online collections from the State Archives in Przemyśl by searching at and filtering results by these archives. Here’s a link to the search results with thousands of digitized collections.

You can copy and paste text into Google Translate if you can’t read the original language.


Onsite Collections:

You can use SEZAM to search for collections at the archive.

And here is a link to “Become a family archivist!”  organized by the Supreme Directorate of State Archives.

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