Stories Behind the Stars is a nonprofit initiative to write the stories of every one of the 421,000 US WWII fallen. 



During World War II a banner with a gold star was presented to the families of the fallen.


The Stories Behind the Stars Initiative was created to organize one central digital location to collect the stories of the 421,000 Americans who were killed during World War II.


These stories will be digitally linked to all war memorials and cemeteries by a smartphone app so visitors can read the stories of the fallen. The app will be ready by December 1, 2021.


Stories Behind the Stars trains volunteers to do this. Use this link to learn how to volunteer. The project currently involves more than 1,500 people from all 50 US states and 15 other countries.


Our volunteers have completed more than 13,000 stories so far — including all of the stories from one state so far (Utah) and for all the 2,502 US D-Day fallen. Our current project to tell the stories of all 2,335 Pearl Harbor will be done by December 7, 2021. Next we will work on the 7,700 US WWII fallen buried at Arlington National Cemetery with a goal to be done by Memorial Day 2022.


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