StoryCatcher is an iPhone app for creating and sharing video stories. There is a free version and a fee version available. You can “collect stories and share them by email, on YouTube or Facebook, instantly. You can even save to your camera roll or store them in a shared Dropbox folder for all to enjoy-publicly or privately.”

This is an app for personal and oral historians and family who want to record and remember stories and family moments. “…if you’re not sure what to ask your interview subject, StoryCatcher provides compelling questions to keep things interesting. You provide the pieces, we’ll take care of the glue! Just record and share, the app does the rest!”

It was created by professional Personal Historian April Bell, and iPhone app coder, Urs Brauchli.

…and simple tool to create and share video stories with; complete with a title card, video capture, photos, and screen text. You can record and save all that you, your family, your friends — or maybe even strangers — have to tell. 

“The best part, if you don’t know what to ask your interview subject, hints of good questions to ask are included right inside the app! Simply tap “interview tips.” 

“Collect stories of your family members, your friends, and yourself to share on YouTube or Vimeo instantly. You can also save to your Camera Roll or store them in a shared Dropbox folder for all to enjoy — publicly or privately.

“Recording is easy and the pre-made themes put your stories together so you don’t have to tweak and edit them.

“StoryCatcher is the brainchild collaboration of Professional Personal Historian, April Bell, and iPhone App Coder, Urs Brauchli. April and Urs wanted to find a fun, easy, and engaging way to help bring family and friends closer together through video storytelling. 

“Ultimately, it is our personal stories that connect and bind us, today and for generations to come.

“What’s your story?”


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