StoryWorth is a personal history subscription website that emails story idea prompts and allows you to build your personal history online where you can later order printed copies of a published book.

For $79 you will get:

  • One year of weekly story prompts
  • A hardcover printed book (black & white up to 500 pages)
  • Write stories and upload photos by email, on the web, or in the app
  • Invite an unlimited number of people to receive the stories
  • Save and edit all your stories on
  • Download a copy of all your stories at any time
  • Audio recordings and transcription available at an additional cost


2 responses to “StoryWorth”

  1. How does one add recipients to the list of those receiving StoryWorth?

    1. Norman,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. You’ll need to address your inquiries about StoryWorth to in order to receive a response from their organization.

      Best with your family history work!



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