The Sussex Family History Group helps people research their family history and connect with other people with local interests.


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Costs of membership:

  • Individual Membership UK –  £15-£17
  • Individual Membership (up to two people) – £17-£19
  • Individual Membership (under 18 on joining) – £12-£14
  • Subscribing Member Organization – £18-£20


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They have an online store with CDs & more


One response to “Sussex Family History Group”

  1. Dear Sussex Family History Group. I would like to hire someone for
    research on my ancestor Nicholas Wade. He supposedly left Eng. on
    ship FALCON for Barbados, 1634. No one knows for sure. He was in Scituate,
    MA, USA in 1638. No one knows for sure about this either.
    Is he the same person? Where/why did he leave Eng? Family there?
    Please let me know if this is a research project you might consider and
    how hiring, etc, is arranged. Thanks very much. Your efforts are
    appreciated. Sincerely, Paula Zenker, USA, email below. 7 Apr 2022


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