The Riksarkivet or National Archives Database (NAD) has hundreds of collections-this one is a specific birth, marriage, and death records collection for the years 1860-1944.

From their website:

“Congregations sent regularly extracts from church records to Statistics Sweden, these are important as a supplement in cases where there are gaps in the original archive.

What information can you find?


Child all Christian name and birth date, parents’ name and occupation, address, mother’s year of birth / age.


The date of the wedding ceremony, the bride and bridegroom’s name, address, occupation and age at marriage.


Name of the deceased and age, when the death occurred and were in the church, in many cases the cause of death.Remember that the Church’s original birth, marriage and dödbok provides more information than the SCB statement.Eg yet baptismal date, dopvittnen and in some cases the address birth prolonged. The books were transferred in the order event held took place during the year.

What is the source?

SCB church book transcripts of births, marriages and deaths from 1860 to 1949. The announcement in 1859 stipulated that the annual statistics in 1860 would be based on extracts from birth, marriage and dödböckerna and catechetical lengths as a basis for censuses. Population statistics were the basis for SCB operation, which started 1858th.”


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