The Riksarkivet or National Archives has a database (NAD) with hundreds of useful historical collections. This one is a collection of Sweden census records for the years 1642-1820.

From their website:

“Census records for the whole of Sweden between 1642-1820 are scanned. The material is indexed on the parish level, more than 570 000 entries.

“Some volumes in the stock are not scanned as they were in poor condition or too thick to be scanned. It may also be annual gaps in some counties. However, there are additional copies of the register of population that is stored on the respective provincial archives. There you can probably find a date that is missing from the Administrative Archives.These are not scanned or microfilmed, but you must use original documents.”

How to Search

“By searching for a church, a county or an entire county during a particular period of time so you can instantly find information in the census records of the selected area.

“County boundaries have changed over the years and therefore an assembly at the appropriate time for the census to be in another county than that indicated.”

What information can you find?

“Which help to understand the population register, we expect this the most common terms in mantalslängdens columns. The headings of the columns varies between different years and different mantalsskrivare. Often leaves no column headings in the church that you look at, but then you have to scroll back in volume to find headings in another parish.

“Examples of headlines in the register of population; Homestead, Smoke, Cooking, housed, Tobacco Smokers, Cheese, Livestock, Manne, husbands, wives, women, sons 15 on 18, Ofer 18 years, daughters, sons in law, daughters in law, Drängar 15 on 18, Ofer 18, Maids, Total perlöner, Gerdemantal, General APPROPRIATION, Åboafgift, Tax, Torp: and Nybygge, sojourner, Inhysesqvinnor, Laqve, Sochnehandtverkare, Kr. and Begrhjelp, Silk, Curtain Air”

What is the source?

“Population register is an archive in which you can do research on humans in the easier conditions. With the population register as the source, you get an insight into our ancestors’ finances, health, assets and habits, such as alcohol and tobacco use.

“Register of population included in Administrative Archives and stored in the National Archives.”


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