The Riksarkevit or National Archives of Sweden has digitized census records for the 1860 census, 1870 census, 1880 census, 1890 census, 1900 census, and 1910 census. You can search for free but to see details of the results you will need to pay a fee/subscription.

From their site:

“The census contains data on all persons who were registered in Sweden at different decades. Approximately 20 million people are searchable. Information about a person in the census can provide important basic data to move into other archival documents, such as church records.

The Census is also available on several CD / DVD disks, then also for more modern years that can not be published on the internet because of PUL. See CD / DVD discs for census, the population of Sweden in the webshop. …There are also digitized parish excerpts for the years 1860-1930.

Information you can find from the census records varies by census year. “Censuses provide data on each household, its structure and all individuals. A person found in the census provides a picture of how the household was made up of nuclear families, servants, etc. inherent in all individuals’ personal data.

“Data reported are; first and last name, year of birth, place of residence, family status, birth parish / town, country of birth, sex, marital status, occupation, title, defect, nationality, creed and other sources faithful remarks. Moreover reported SCB codes regarding the parish, country and occupation.

“Please note that children generally have no more than the name -it is therefore safer to only look at the first or at the same last name as his father.”


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