The Riksarkivet or National Archives has a database (NAD) with hundreds of useful historical collections. This one is a collection of Sweden Judicial Records from the Sweden Judicial Archive.

From their website:

“It is mainly the series inventories for the period 1700s to about 1860, which are digital. Digitization progress of inventories 1980-2001 and the new district courts is laid out as you go.

“Probate Arna 1980-2001 are available on the spot in the National Archives’ reading rooms with a search application with more search fields. There you have the possibility to search on free text, names, social security numbers, birth and death dates, the District Court, dödförsamling, probate number and the year the inventory was registered in the district court.

“Probate Arna contains information on heirs and where they were residing at the time of the commission’s establishment. It is also the subject, assets and debts that existed in a household.”

Information you can find in these records includes:

“… lawsuits, the inheritance was distributed, people’s personal and working lives, property transactions and how they dealt with their possessions and their finances.”

“Below are examples of series of court archives and what they can contain.

“Court records”

“Main contents are mainly records of criminal and civil cases. In the older court records are also visions, property sales, regulations of various kinds and liabilities.”


“Contains uppbud, title deeds, mortgages, guardianship, wills and marriage contracts and the purchase and sale of immovable property.”

“Syne Minutes”

“They did cook visions and depreciation and visions access, to check that it fulfilled its obligations to the Authority in terms of construction and facilities, such as those who used chrono- and freehold land, soldier, road facilities etc.”


“Contains fined people and what they would pay in fines. The data may function as access point for finding people in the court records. In the older court records found these data at the end of each judgment book.”

“Estate inventories”

“Probate Arna contains information on heirs and where they were residing at the time of the commission’s establishment. The inventories shows which objects, assets and debts that existed in a household. They began to be more widely law of 1734.”

“… The source of the scanned documents are archives from härads-, the Town Hall, courts of appeal and other dishes.Original archives stored at the Provincial Archives and the National Archives, they are in many cases preserved all the way from the 1500s.”


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