“The Swenson Center, on the campus of Augustana College, is a national archives and research institute providing resources for the study of Swedish immigration to North America, the communities the immigrants established, and the role the immigrants and their descendants have played in American life. This is achieved by promoting and initiating academic research in the field and by collecting and cataloging Swedish-American archival and library materials. Another major role for the Center is to assist people researching their Swedish-American family history.”

“The Swenson Center has extensive resources for genealogical research. The most important include church records from denominations founded by Swedish immigrants in North America, passenger indexes from American and Scandinavian ports, records of different organizations founded by Swedish immigrants in North America, Swedish-language newspapers published in the United States and Canada, City Directories and census materials from many urban areas with strong concentrations of Swedish-Americans, and several other types of indexes.

“Our records are primarily Swedish-American, which means that they were generated by Swedish immigrants in the United States. Still, we have access to many records from Sweden, primarily parish records. Our extensive library includes many books useful for genealogical research, in particular the Nils William Olsson collection.

“The Center publishes Swedish American Genealogist, the only journal of its kind devoted to Swedish-American genealogy and personal history. Every fall we also arrange a week-long research trip to the Family History Center in Salt Lake City, where participants can use the extensive resources under the leadership of skilled and experienced professional genealogists.

“The majority of our records go up to approximately 1930, and usually do not contain information about people who are still living today. Most of our records are on microfilm and computer databases–not online, and most of our library books are available to borrow via interlibrary loan. We encourage you to visit the Swenson Center or to contact us via e-mail or regular mail. Our staff is proficient in Swedish genealogical research and has helped countless people learn about their families. We would love to help you do the same! If you would like us to perform any searches for you in our records, please see the Research Services page for instructions. If you would like to perform the research yourself (with our guidance), please see the Visiting the Swenson Center page to see how best to prepare for your research appointment.”


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