“At TapGenes we empower people to understand and identify risks even when there are no symptoms. Based on the Family Tree they keep with us, we’re able to direct these individuals to appropriate preventative or genetic screenings, behavior modification programs, clinical trials, and treatment options available to them. With TapGenes, people benefit from keeping their family history safe, all in one place to be accessed by anyone he or she chooses, not to mention healthier lives and ultimately lower healthcare costs.

“TapGenes helps you crowdsource your family’s health information, helping you understand the thread that ties your family’s health together.

“We’re here to help you discover your family’s health story with the our TapGenes Health Tree and prepare for life’s unexpected moments with your family’s TapGenes Personal Health Portraits.

“Spot health trends and track information like allergies, medications, lab results, and doctor’s notes. TapGenes is a flexible platform designed for your family’s needs.”


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