This is part of the Australia, Tasmania Government Gazette, newspaper collection for the years 1833 to 1925, offered as more than 100,000 free browsable images by “Besides being the official publication of the Tasmanian government, this Gazette served the early colony much as a newspaper and contained details of things such as convicts, shipping, and private property sales and leases. By the 1860s, names of students who passed school examinations were included, and in the 1870s, names of owners and occupiers of properties were listed. The publication also includes, at times, estates of the deceased, unclaimed letters in the general post office (for persons in the whole state), shareholders in various companies, appointments of various officials, notices of courts to be convened, and valuation rolls (which list the owners and occupiers of property).”

As a genealogy and family history resource the Tasmanian Government Gazette records may contain: “name of deceased, names of shareholders, estate records, court records, place of residence, date land purchased, and date of birth.”


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