Sankofagen Wiki run by Karmella Haynes has a list of Tennessee Plantations and Slave Names listed by county. “Counties formed after 1865 are omitted.”

SANKOFA is an Akan word meaning “go back and take.” Good and useful things can be taken from the past to drive positive progress in the present through the benevolent use of knowledge.”

“Sankofa-gen Wiki is a growing collection of freely accessible genealogical and historical data pertaining to U.S.A. antebellum plantations, farms, factories, manors, etc. that used African slave labor. This site is a wiki which means that you, the slave genealogy researcher, can add and update information instantly. This website aims to summarize plantation-related data in a way that allows the genealogist to better visualize the lives of our enslaved ancestors within a historical context…

  • Was the slave buyer a relative of the seller?

  • Did the buyer relocate?

  • Were plantations connected by slaveholder marriages?

  • Was my ancestor sent away to another plantation because the planter’s family owned plantations in other states?”


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  1. Good Afternoon:
    I am researching my ancestry, provided by my Dear Father, Kelsey Webber, now deceased that was born in Moscow, TN 1914 or 1915 . His grandfather was Jake Webber, and from research, he more than likely was born into slavery. I found on the Freedmens Bureau, for Fayette Co., TN, he was fired out as a freeman (laborer) to James Redd, during January, 1866, from this I guessed his age at birth was 1844 or 1843 in Fayette-Hardeman Co., TN. My father said he lived and grew-up in Moscow, TN and later on moved to Memphis, TN.
    I am trying to locate Jesse Redd if he was the slave owner of my great-grandfather, Jake Webber.
    Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciayted.
    Thank You.
    Antia Webber Fields

    1. Antia,

      Thanks for visiting the OnGenealogy directory. You should send your request for information to, the editor of the TN Sankofagen Wiki, to get a reply.

      Best with your research,


  2. Looking for the slaves of Roger Snell. He had a son named William snell who fathered a mullatto slave named Taylor Snell. I am needing to know who Taylor’s mother is. Taylor is my fifth generation grandfather. They all came from Tennessee prior to the civil war and settled in Clarksville Texas after the war.

  3. Look got family member of George and Lula Givens, Tennessee born 1800 they had 5 children 4 girls and 1 son they are my great grandparents


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