“The Texas State Archives preserves and documents the heritage and culture of Texas by identifying, collecting, and making available for research the permanently valuable official records of Texas government, as well as other significant historical resources. Maintaining the official history of Texas government, the State Archives includes archival government records dating back to the 18th century, as well as newspapers, journals, books, manuscripts, photographs, historical maps, and other historical resources. By these records, all three branches of Texas government are accountable to the people. Taken together, the holdings of the Texas State Archives provide a historical foundation for present-day governmental actions and are an important resource for Texas studies.”

Online collections include:

  • Vital Statistics Indexes
  • Maps
  • Republic Claims “access to more than 48,500 indexed names included in Republic Claims documents”
  • Index to Conderate Pensions
  • Texas Adjutant General Service Records, 1836-1935 “The database provides the name, the military organization, and the call number. Please note that the listing does not include the names of ALL persons who served in Texas military organizations. It indexes only the names of persons who have files in this record series.”
  • Confederate Indigent Families Lists “While the number of dependents is always provided, additional information may include some of the following elements: name of the soldier; currently in service; disabled or killed in service; unit; acting head of household.”
  • Republic of Texas Passports “The Republic of Texas passports collection contains 55 documents. These include requests for passports, orders to issue passports, and one proclamation granting entrance into the Republic. Some relate to the freedom of movement within the Republic of Texas, while others request access to Mexico, the United States and Europe.  Most documents were created between 1836 and 1845, although two are from the 1850s. The majority are written in English and some in Spanish. The collection can be useful for placing individuals in the Republic of Texas around the time the passport was requested or granted.”
  • Texas Convict Record Ledgers and Indexes, for Texas residents only
  • 1867 Voters’ Registration, for Texas residents only


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