The Genealogy Corner is a genealogy and family history blog.

The Genealogy Corner author, Daniel, writes: “My insatiable appetite for knowing more and filling in the gaps has led me to where I am today: contributing to a family history magazine, keeping this blog and popping to my local archive whenever I have the chance.

“So far, my research has taken me to several countries and to two different continents. Of course, a great deal of this research would not have been possible without the tremendous help offered by the Internet and websites like Ancestry, FamilySearch and RootsChat, but nothing beats sitting in an archive uncovering old documents and manuscripts which have remained unopened for decades – if not centuries!

“Genealogy is not a question of “how far back can you go in time”, but of knowing who you are and who were those who shaped the family you were born into. In my opinion, tracing your lineage back several centuries is relatively pointless if you don’t investigate the links in between and the lives that populate your family tree. It is discovering these wonderful little details which makes the wait worthwhile.”


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