The Holdiche Family History Society “was formed in 1989 and members have met at Family Days once a year ever since. Family Days are usually held in the village hall in Wadenhoe, Northamptonshire. This was the home, in the 16th century, of some of the earliest Holdiches we have so far been able to locate. As well as annual meetings we also produce two journals a year which focus on the history of the family, current research by members and also family news.”

“The Society was formed to promote and encourage the public and private study of family history, genealogy, heraldry and local history with reference to the name Holdich and all its various spellings. The Society encourages the preservation, security, accessibility and research of relevant archive material and is a source of enquiry about the name Holdich.”


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  1. I am currently the owner of 4 superb silver candlesitcks by Paul Storr, the most eminent silversmith in 19th century Britain. They are dated 1815 and are engraved with the crest of an arm in armour embowed holding a scimitar. From Fairbairn’s book of crests the most likely attribution is for Holdiche. I wonder if anyone might be happy to share any knowledge about the family crest and if I am correct which member of the family might have originally purchased these wonderful candlesticks from from the finest silversmith of the time.


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