The Lawrence Register is a private website with free Lawrence County, Ohio genealogy collections including Lawrence County Obituary Indexes, Lawrence County Tax Indexes, Lawrence County Death Indexes, Lawrence County Divorces and more.


Vital Records

  • Bible Records
  • Births
  • Census
  • Deaths
  • Deeds
  • Divorces
  • Marriages
  • Lawrence County Obituaries
    • Lawrence County Ohio, Abstracted Obituaries 1850-1900 – The 1850-1900 list of our obituaries was abstracted from different newspapers available in Lawrence County, Ohio from the years 1850-1900 by the staff of Briggs Library and other volunteers.  You will notice there are some obits that were included after 1900, most of which are Civil War Veterans.
    • Lawrence County, Ohio, Transcribed Obituaries 1902-2011 – These obituaries were transcribed exactly as printed in the newspapers which range in dates from 1902 – 2011 and were compiled by David Parsons.  The names in this link cover many newspapers, including those from our Tri-State area.Please note – these obits are not a complete index, [which would be nearly impossible to keep up], but I will be adding to these, and if you would like to contribute to these, please leave me a comment below. 
    • Lawrence County Ohio Obituary Index 1900-1930 – The 1900-1930 index of obituaries was taken from different newspapers available in Lawrence County, Ohio from the years 1900-to 1930 by one of our volunteers, Peggy Wells.
  • Tax Indexes
  • Wills


Lawrence County Cemeteries


Court Records


Iron Furnaces

Ironton Ohio

Lawrence County

Military History






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