The Newberry is an independent research library in Chicago, Illinois. They offer digitized collections at Digital Newberry.


The Newberry is free and open to the public. Access to some collections at Digital Newberry is by fee only.



Digital Newberry Collections Free to the Public – link to all

  • Atlas of Historical County Boundaries – every county in the United States, from the earliest county creation in the 1600s to 2000.
  • Chicago Genealogist, The Chicago Genealogist is a quarterly journal published continuously since 1969 by the Chicago Genealogical Society.
  • Letters and Diaries
  • Fraktur Birth Certificates
  • Postcards
  • Photos
  • Ayer Collection: American Indian & Indigenous Peoples
  • Maps
  • Railroads
  • Italian Paleography
  • Midwest time machine 
  • An archive of endurance 
  • Atlas of historical county boundaries 
  • Aztecs and the making of colonial Mexico 
  • The Bible in print 
  • Chicago 1919: confronting the race riots 
  • Chicago ancestors 
  • Civil War in Art 
  • Elizabeth I: ruler and legend 
  • Emblemata politica in context 
  • Encyclopedia of Chicago 
  • Foreign Language Press Survey 
  • French Canadians in the Midwest 
  • French Renaissance paleography 
  • Humanism for sale 
  • Indians of the Midwest 
  • Italian religious broadsides 
  • Lewis and Clark and the indian country: 200 years of American history 
  • Making Modernism: literature and culture in 20th century Chicago 
  • Mapping the French empire in North America 
  • Mexican hometown associations oral histories 
  • Newberry transcribe 
  • Nova Reperta time machine 
  • Outspoken: Chicago’s free speech tradition 
  • Photographing Freetowns: African American Kentucky through the lens of Helen Balfour Morrison, 1935-1946 
  • Polyglots: the bible in multiple tongues 
  • Popol Vuh (Wuj) online 
  • Postcard sender 
  • Postcard tag 
  • Pullman: labor, race, and the urban landscape in a company town 
  • The religious geography of Venice 
  • Renaissance Dante in print (1472-1629) 
  • Tracking the Luther controversy 
  • Voice of reform 
  • Voice of the Americas 
  • World War I sheet music from the James Francis Driscoll Collection of American sheet music


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