The On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies is a website by historian Todd Braisted, author and historian researching Loyalist military and related records and Honorary Vice President of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada.

This site focuses primarily on Loyalists (American inhabitants who were loyal to the Crown) who served in the military. The site includes:

  • Loyalist History

    • War Chronology

    • Battles & Campaigns

    • Maps &


    • Major Figures

    • Theaters & Actors

    • Music & Poetry

  • Military

    • List of Regiments

    • Regimental History

    • Muster Rolls

    • Orderly Books

    • Courts Martial

    • Regular Army/Navy

    • Civil Branches

    • Spies & Intelligence

    • Black Loyalists

    • Clothing & Supplies

    • Claims & Memorials

    • Other Facts & Records

  • Genealogy

    • Research Address Book “We recommend the institutions listed below as places to assist you with primary research concerning Loyalists. Some are better for military records while others specialize in family history.”

    • Property Confiscations “Very early on in the conflict between Great Britain and her rebellious colonies, the seizure of property belonging to persons who had aligned themselves with the Crown became commonplace.”

    • Post War Settlement “Currently, this section contains transcriptions of a number of original documents related to



    • Female Ancestors “In this


      we have provided you with some articles on the history of Loyalist women and children, some transcriptions of original documents and a variety of research tips that you can put to use in your own search.”

    • Church Records “Our initial focus in this portion of the site has been to include some of the primary documents dealing directly with the Loyalist military in relation to religion and churches.”

  • Reenacting

    • Reenactment Groups

    • Photo Gallery

  • Miscellaneous

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Suggested Reading

    • Internet Links

    • Upcoming Events

    • Submitting Records

    • About Us

There’s plenty of help on this site for those with Loyalist ancestors who need some background on the Loyalists’ role during the American Revolution and tips for where to find more information on Loyalist ancestors.


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