Norwegian Emigration to America and Norwegian-American History 1825-2000

A helpful resource for Norwegian genealogists, this site has:

  • a timeline of Norwegian emigration
  • articles and books
  • letters home
  • photos and prints
  • video and audio
  • bibliographies
  • and links

The Promise of America makes available various resources about Norwegian emigration to America and Norwegian-American culture and history. In 1825 the sloop Restauration, the first ship with Norwegian emigrants, set sail for America. During the following 175 years about 900,000 Norwegians went to the USA (and Canada). This anniversary is being observed in the year 2000 on both sides of the Atlantic. This web site has been produced as a part of this observance. The Norwegian Emigrant Museum, Hamar, has also produced a traveling exhibit that will be shown at public libraries in Norway.”|

“The Promise of America includes a selection of books, book excerpts, entire articles, America letters, photographs and prints, film clips and excerpts from radio and television broadcasts. Bibliographies with search possibilities list a great deal of the material published in this field. In addition, there are links to valuable sites on the Internet related to Norwegian Americana and genealogical research.”


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