TightKnit Inc is a website for uploading photos, sharing family stories, and creating an online legacy for your family. TightKnit creates a virtual kitchen table where you can invite family members and relatives to join you and share uploaded photos and stories. The benefit of TightKnit is the person who inherited the family photos can share them with other families in a digital format and everyone can share their memories and re-create the details and stories associated with the photos.



TightKnit will eventually be by subscription only but has a free offer for early adopters which gives them lifetime access to the TightKnit platform for free. As the site develops they will introduce subscription plans for newer users.


At TightKnit you have complete control of your content and you decide who will see it or be permitted to comment on it. Images will be stored in the resolution and format you upload them in. Just scan your digitized photos, upload them to your site at TightKnit, invite family to join, and share the stories.


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