TOTA | Traditions of the Ancestors is a free website that provides cultural information and sharing across the world to help you explore your Family’s Cultural History and create deep connections with the lives and cultures of your ancestors.

At TOTA you can research different cultures; create a free account where you can share, manage, and store articles, videos, pictures, and events; connect with people from across the globe through online content.

“Culture influences us all, from how we lead our daily lives to how we view ourselves, our families, and the world. In our own studies, it became clear to us that nearly all cultures share the same fundamental wisdom. Knowledge of our own cultural heritage connects us to our family across generations and how those traditions have shaped us. Studying other cultures gives us a greater sense of our place in history and the world.”

Visit TOTA and see San Francisco before and after the 1906 earthquake, learn about Irish daily life, study the coming of age in Confucian China, learn about the Maori at Gallipoli, or traditional Russian fairy tales, or add your own knowledge and help bridge the cultural divide.


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