totheletter DNA provides DNA testing of your loved ones who have passed away by extracting DNA from envelopes, stamps, and aerogrammes.


totheletter DNA extracts DNA samples from unbroken seals of envelopes (opened with letter openers or opened on the side), beneath stamps that were licked by the sender, etc, and tests the DNA for viable samples which can be uploaded to genealogy match sites, DNA analysis sites, etc.


totheletter DNA has successfully extracted DNA from documents as old as the 1960s. You can send photos and descriptions of memorabilia in your possession and they can tell you if there’s a possibility of DNA extraction.

[su_heading size=”24″]Pricing[/su_heading]
When you place your order, your order includes (all prices are in Australian dollars):

extraction @ $140 (not refundable – you may send in more than one sample from the same person and request we undertake extraction of the extra sample/s at the same time*)

genotyping @ $621.50 (refunded if no useable DNA)

return of sample via registered post @ $20 (not refundable)

return of DNA file via USB (optional – included in price)

upload to GEDmatch Genesis database (optional – included in price)

Total price of order is $781.50.


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