Trace is a genealogy research company that puts research queries out to bid to professional genealogists and allows the customer to accept or reject bid proposals.


You tell them your objective and they write up a project description for your objective. They then submit your proposed project to researchers with the best skill sets and records access for the project and country/location and ask them to put a bid on the project–what would they charge to do the research? You then choose which proposal, if any, suits your needs, and their in-house managers provide you with updates and a final report to ensure the work is performed properly and your request has been fulfilled.


“ is the world’s largest family history research firm with over 4,000 professional genealogists as well as hundreds of subject matter experts (scholars, private investigators, professors, clergy, and archivists). We are not limited to the small percentage of records that are online. We are not limited to just one or two genealogists. We are not limited to a few local repositories. Instead, we access the world’s records wherever they are located and in whatever form–whether online or offline, including the over 90% of records that FamilySearch estimates are not online.”


They have more than 4,000 researchers in 90+ countries. Professional researchers can also contact Trace if they want to be a part of their global research network.


They have a low-price guarantee if you request a free quote for services.

And, if you’ll be at RootsTech, Trace is offering FREE 30 minute consultations to the first 1,000 people who sign up for an appointment to meet with one of their researchers. Sign up for a consultation while they still have openings!
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