TSOLife, The Story of Life, is a personal history preservation service for both individuals and organizations. They have a mobile iOS app that can be used to record and upload personal stories, oral histories, and videos.


The cost for an individual account is $14.99/month and any stories recorded during that month will be included in your final product. They use AI software to transcribe and edit uploaded videos into smaller, topic-oriented stories that can be viewed in shorter segments. When you’re done telling stories, you stop paying for the app and you still have access to your recorded stories. You can download the audio and video; printed options are a feature they’re considering in 2019.

  • You need a community code to sign in and create an account in the app. They have a list of recommended questions and topics. You can mark the questions that have been asked so you don’t duplicate your efforts.
  • Family members receive email updates when a resident has uploaded a new story to a TSOLife account. Family members also receive monthly email updates.
  • “Anyone you allow can use the mobile app, whether they be a staff member, volunteer, family member, or another resident, for the purpose of preserving the life stories of the seniors in your care. Simply share your community code to grant them access.”
  • Contact support@tsolife.com for pricing and information.


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