The Ulster County Clerk Archives Division in New York has free, online records including:

  • 1905 Ulster County Census Index Search

    “This index was created from a typewritten transcription of the original index. Although every reasonable effort was made to verify the data, cross references should be considered to verify the accuracy of your discoveries. The census is one of several taken by New York State between 1825 and 1925.”

  • Antique Map Inventory Search

    “The Antique Map Inventory c. (1806-1960) is an artificial collection of 436 maps that were stored together in a map case at the County Clerk’s Office.  The collection was transferred to the archives as a group in 1989 for re-housing and storage.  Finding aids and microfilm copies for these and all maps filed with the County Clerk are available at the main office of the County Clerk.”

  • Ashokan Reservoir Records Search

    “A finding aid for Board of Water Supply taking maps of the Ashokan and other reservoirs in the Catskill system c.(1905-1943), microfilmed transcripts of claimants seeking damage and business losses due to reservoir construction c.(1906-1958), and any original papers filed regarding those claims c.(1907-1948).”

  • English Translations of Dutch Colonial Records a.k.a. “Kingston Papers” (Deed Books 1, 2, & 3)

    “An index to the English translations of the Dutch court records of Wiltwyck 1661-1709. The index was first published by the Albany County Board of Supervisors c. 1900.  In 2002, the data was entered into a text searchable database by the Ulster County Archives.  In 2008 a new field was added to present the entries in their entirety. These records are the earliest court and land records of Ulster County.”

  • Marriage Record Index Search 1908-1935

    “From 1908 to 1926 county clerks were required to maintain indices or registers of marriages. The requirement was abolished in 1926 but some county clerks continued to maintain these summary records into the 1930s. Except for the name of the groom, bride, license date and place of issue, these records are confidential. Please contact the clerk of the village, town or city that issued the license or the New York State Department of Health to request copies. Click here to view telephone numbers of Ulster County Town & Village Clerks.

  • Minutes of the Board of Supervisors Search 1710-1731

    “Minutes of the Board of Supervisors of Ulster County 1710-1731 were first transcribed and published by the Historical Records Survey of the Works Projects Administration (W.P.A.) Albany, New York in 1939.  Archives staff created a database directly from the transcriptions in 2004.”

  • Naturalization Record Collection Index Search

    “An index to citizenship records c.(1800-1992) including Declarations of Intention, Oaths of Allegiance, Petitions, Affidavits and register entries regarding all applications for naturalization filed in Ulster County.”

  • Town Clerk Returns of Births, Deaths and Marriages Search
    c.(1847-1850, 1873-1884)

    “Town Clerk Returns of Births, Deaths and Marriages was created from annual reports compiled by town clerks and filed with the county clerk primarily between 1847 and 1849.  Other entries came from individual marriage reports c.(1873-1884) and occasional entries from census records.”

Historical records from 1658-1999 can be searched by:

  • Collections Search

    “Search record groups pertaining to specific topics, including: Historical Records – 101 Box Collection, Ashokan Reservoir, Naturalization, Pauper & Poorhouse, and unspecified records.”

  • Record Series Title Search

    “Search by the title of the record series, for example: Account Book/Deacon’s/Old Dutch Church c.(1683 – 1719) or Ashokan Reservoir/Court Orders c.(1936 – 1946)”

  • Date Search

    “Search by era: Colonial (1658-1776), Post Colonial Eighteenth Century (1777-1800), Nineteenth Century (1801-1900), Twentieth Century (1901-2000) or enter a date range.”

  • Keyword Search

    “Search the database by entering any word or phrase. An Advanced Search Screen is available on this page.”


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  1. These records used to come up at the listed url, what happened?

    Town Clerk Returns of Births, Deaths and Marriages

    c. (1847-1850, 1873-1884)


    Name of Deceased Julia Anne VanEtten

    Residence Rochester

    Marital Status M

    Age 38Year of birth1810


    Place of DeathRochester

    Date of Death03-12-1848

    Cause of DeathDropsey



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