University Archives is a private company and leader in the collecting and selling of historical documents and manuscripts.

“John Reznikoff, founder and President of University Archives, is a well-known authority and writer on the subject of rare documents and manuscripts. For more than thirty years, he has bought, consigned and sold historic documents and relics to institutions and individuals, most of whom return time and time again as need and desire arise. John is arguably the most requested Authenticator for historical items in the world. His clients have included the U. S. Justice Department , the FBI, state law enforcement, top auction houses, and the largest rare book dealers in the world. Mr. Reznikoff is regularly sought out by print and broadcast media to comment on current issues in the autograph industry. Every item we sell meets his high standards for authenticity.”

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  • Make a copy of your item. If your item is too big to be copied, or is 3-dimensional, please take digital photos of your item. When making your copies or photos, please take a close-up image of the actual signature, as well as an image of the overall item. Please know that making a copy or taking a photograph of your item will not damage it!
  • Send the copies or photos of your item to us. For the fastest response, email the images to John Reznikoff at You may also fax us the images. Our fax number is 203-454-3111. You may also send us the copies or photos via mail, to our address as shown above, to the attention of John Reznikoff. Please make sure to include your contact information, including name, address, phone and email, so we know how to get a hold of you once we have had a chance to review your material. We receive several submissions every day, so it’s essential that you provide us with your information.
  • We will review the copies or photos of your material, and contact you, usually within a week of receiving it. We give you an estimated range of what we would be willing to pay, dependent on condition and authenticity. If that range is of interest to you, we then request that you send us the originals of the material. After examining the originals, we can then contact you with a firm price. If you agree to the price, we will send you a check, usually within 3 business days. If you choose not to accept the offer, we will gladly send back your material. Any requested material being sent to us is fully covered by our insurance, up to $50,000. Click here to see our insurance coverage documents.
  • When sending us any original material, please wrap the item in bubble wrap for waterproofing and cushioning. If your item is a document, we recommend that you place the document between two pieces of cardboard, and then wrap in bubble wrap. If your item contains glass, we suggest you take the item to a packing store, such as Fed Ex/Kinkos, or The UPS Store, for packing. We also recommend that you use a delivery carrier that provides the ability to track a package. The U. S. Post Office, and carriers such as Federal Express and UPS, can provide such services.
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