University of South Dakota Online Collections include:

  • USD- Richardson Collection (The Richardson Collection is made up of distinct manuscript collections focusing on South Dakota’s cultural, political, and economic history.)
  • USD-Chilson Collection (The Chilson Collection includes materials relating to local histories, South Dakota history, Native American cultures, and western expansion of the United States. Included is the manuscript of an 1902 Atlantic Monthly article written by Zitkala-Sa, in which she describes the godliness in the interconnected natural world around her that leaves her experiences with Christianity pale in comparison.)
  • South Dakota Oral History Center (The South Dakota Oral History Center collects and preserves memories and experiences of the people of the Northern Plains from the 1890s to the present. The collection is an especially vital and valuable record of the historical, social, and cultural legacy of the state.)
  • USD Photograph Collection (The USD Photograph Collection represents the visual history of the University of South Dakota from the 1880s to the present.)
  • USD Archives (materials relating to the activities of its students, faculty, and alumni)
  • Volante (This collection contains the early years of the newspaper, beginning in November 1887.)

These collections are searchable at DLSD, the Digital Library of South Dakota.



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