The USC Digital Library Collections include: oral histories, newspapers, photographs, Croatian birth records, Los Angeles census cards & employee records, biographies, yearbooks, maps, periodicals, Korean American oral histories, Korean American photographs, Korean American Digital Archive, Korean periodicals 1905-1994 intermittent years (from Korea), Vietnam War memories, Japanese Internment photos, Los Angeles Newspapers, LA land survey maps, Taiwanese American Archives, and so much more.


If you’re interested in histories and stories, they have some impressive Korean stories you can copy and paste to Google Translate (use Google Translate for any OCRd records you can’t read).

Below are links to collections from their Digital Collections page.



Sea of Korea Map Collection (157 records)

  • Jerry Berndt Collection (460 records) Modern collection dealing with immigrants and Rwandan genocide orphans

  • China Society of Southern California Collection (193 records)

  • Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Collection, ca.1880-1933 (1,076 records) – The Chinese Historical Society of Southern California Collection documents artifacts excavated from two sites in Southern California. The first site is represented by about 1,040 color images of artifacts from the original Los Angeles Chinatown; an additional 150 images document artifacts from the site of a Chinese laundry in Santa Barbara. These two outstanding Chinese Historical Society of Los Angeles artifact collections are among the largest and best documented assemblage of cultural materials on Chinese settlement in the United States. Excavated from unmixed dated sites with developed historical context, the collections represent tremendous research potential.

Abilene Christian University (1,765 records)

Basel Mission (30,262 records)

Bibliothèque du Défap (11,018 records)

CSWC, University of Edinburgh (1,498 records)

Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America (7,598 records)

DM-Échange et Mission (2,947 records)

Danmission, Copenhagen (12,708 records)

Emil Müller Collection (321 records)

Hermannsburg Mission (1,012 records)

Leipzig Mission (1,818 records)

Mission and Diakonia Archives, VID, Stavanger (2,872 records)

Moravian Church, Herrnhut (2,911 records)

National Library of Scotland (3,155 records)

School of Oriental and African Studies (2,118 records)

Yale Divinity School Library (10,110 records)

  • Israeli Palestinian Archaeology Working Group

  • Japanese American Incarceration Images, 1941-1946 (221 records) – This collection of photographs from the Hearst Collection of the Los Angeles Examiner in the USC Regional History Collection, documents the relocation of Japanese Americans in California during World War II. These 222 photographs provide a glimpse into the lives of Japanese immigrants and native-born Japanese Americans (a.k.a. Nisei) residing in California from 1921 to 1958, with primary emphasis on 1941–1946. Much of the coverage documents scenes of: a) the relocation process; b) life in camps at Manzanar, Santa Anita, Tanforan, and Tule Lake; c) post-war repatriation to Japan. The original captions from the photographs, many of which were published in the Los Angeles Examiner, have been transcribed into the Japanese American Relocation Digital Archive to enhance subject-specific retrieval; the cultural references reflect the 1940’s terminology.

  • Payne Johnson Latin American Collection (1 records)

  • Korean American Digital Archive (4,172 records)

Documents of the KNA Building (212 records)

Korean American Archive Photograph Set (2,824 records)

Korean American Museum Oral History Series (65 records)

Korean American Private Records (223 records)

Korean Heritage Library Subject Files (52 records)

Periodicals (1 records)

The Reverend Soon Hyun Collected Works (646 records)

The Martin J. Bolhower Collection (171 records)

The Reverend Corwin & Nellie Taylor Collection (137 records)

The Reverend V.W. Peters Collection (411 records)

Chugan kwanggo (주간광고), 1981 (25 records)

Kim, Il-sŏng (김 일성), 1912-1994 (4 records)

Konglip sinbo (공립신보), 1905-1909 (117 records)

Kʻorian sŭtʻŭrit jŏnŏl (코리안 스트릿 저널), 1981-1991 (493 records)

Miju munhak (미주 문학), 1982- (46 records)

Nasŏng ilbo (라성일보), 1984 (135 records)

Ppuri (뿌리), 1983-1984 (2 records)

Sinhan minbo (신한민보), 1909- (3,175 records)

Taetong kongbo (大同公報), 1907-1908 (20 records)

Pacific Times (太平洋時報), 1987- (50 records)



Daily Life – including newspapers, maps, photos, postcards

Daniel Walker (Riverside, CA) (14 records)

Gospel Memorabilia International (Beverly Hills) (17 records)

Indiana University (Bloomington) Archives of African American Music and Culture (45 records)

Victory Baptist Church (Los Angeles) Archival Collection (72 records)

  • Los Angeles City Historical Society, 1978- (128 records)

  • Los Angeles Examiner Photographs Collection, 1920-1961 (23,655 records) – The Los Angeles Examiner Collection consists of approximately 1.4 million prints and negatives from the Los Angeles Examiner newspaper. Almost every event and individual receiving news coverage in Los Angeles during the period late 1920’s to 1961 is represented in the collection. Coverage is broad including crime, sports, society, art, and entertainment. The collection forms part of the Hearst Collection and was a gift from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner Division of the Hearst Corporation in 1978.

  • Los Angeles Star Collection, 1851-1864 (567 records) – Established in 1851 as a weekly newspaper, it was printed half in Spanish and half English until 1855. When the Civil War broke out, the outspoken criticism of the federal government by its editor led to the Star being banned from the mails, and the arrest of its editor for treason. It ceased publication in 1864, apparently due to financial problems, but resumed in 1868. In 1870 it became a daily, but ceased publication in 1879 because of lack of funds. No complete file is known to exist. The current collection consists of about 500 issues up through 1864.

  • Los Angeles Union Station Collection (8 records)

Academic Senate Records (464 records)

Alumni Periodicals (697 records)

Commencement Programs (144 records)

Dentistry Yearbooks (70 records)

El Rodeo, 1898- (108 records)

ROTC Yearbooks (77 records)

The Daily Trojan, 1912- (14,886 records) BROWSE by year

Trojan Family Album (9 records)

University Archives Audio & Video Collection (10 records)

University Archives Image Collection (366 records)

University of Southern California Chronicle (242 records)

Biographical Information (6 records)

Mementos (45 records)

News Items (52 records)

Oral History (3 records)

Viterbi Family Materials (100 records)

WPA household census cards, Los Angeles, 1939 (146,376 records) – The household survey cards (or ‘dwelling schedules’), one for each street address in greater Los Angeles, document a wide variety of information ranging from the type of dwelling, the value of the property, the monthly rent or mortgage, to whether or not there were flush toilets. While these cards form the bulk of the collection, other digitized documents include ‘block face cards’ _and ‘block lists’—documenting the census process—as well as employee records which provide a fascinating view of the background and skills of the census takers themselves. Naturally, in this city of the car, the employee records include whether or not the employee owned an automobile.”

WPA household census employee records, Los Angeles, 1939 (248 records)



Asiatic Fleet (136 records)

China 1930’s (24 records)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (91 records)

Naval Attaché Reports (373 records)

Navy Intelligence (200 records)

United States 10th Army (38 records)

United States Marine Corps (USMC) (107 records)

Tokyo war crimes trial (15 records)


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