Utah, Salt Lake County Birth Records, 1890-1915 is a free collection at FamilySearch with a searchable name index and some browsable images of birth records from Salt Lake County, Utah.


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[su_heading size=”18″]What Can I Learn from Utah Birth Records?[/su_heading]

Birth records of Salt Lake County contain some or all of the following information, depending on the time period:

  • Child’s name and gender
  • Child’s date and place of birth
  • Race or nativity
  • Father’s name and age
  • Father’s birthplace and occupation
  • Mother’s maiden name and age
  • Mother’s birthplace and occupation
  • Parents’ residence
  • Whether a single or multiple birth
  • Birth order of child
  • Number of children born to this mother who are still living

[su_heading size=”18″]How Can Birth Records Help Me Find Other Records?[/su_heading]

With Birth Records information you can:

  • Look for the child or parents in the state or federal census and put an entire family together
  • Use the place of birth to search for other church records for this child or family
  • Use the parents’ names and child’s place of birth to search for this family in a local city directory & learn about the parents’ employment from a city directory search
  • Use the parents’ places of birth to start searching for their birth records and migration records
  • Use the child’s place of birth to search for parents’ land records
  • Use the child’s place of birth and parent’s names to search for any tax or court records
  • Estimate the parents’ marriage date–if parents married, they generally married before a child’s birth and you may be able to estimate the parents’ marriage date based on children’s birth dates
  • Use a child’s birth date to help estimate draft registration date and find draft registration records or military service records


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