The Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada has online and onsite genealogy and family history collections.

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British Columbia City Directories, 1860 to 1955, including street and name listings of individuals and businesses in Vancouver and Victoria, as well as population figures, government listings, operating newspapers, schools and libraries from communities across the province

British Columbia Vital Records Search, over 700,000 digitized images are now available and new digitized images will be loaded on a regular basis, indexes include:

  • Births (1854-1903)
  • Marriages (1871-1942)
  • Death (1872-1997)
  • Colonial marriages (1859-1872)
  • Baptisms (1836-1888)

British Columbia Historical Newspapers, 1865-1994

British Columbia Index, In this index you will find references to chapters or excerpts in books, articles in unindexed news sources such as local magazines, newsletters and newspapers, and uncatalogued material and pamphlets

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online, years 1000-1930 with limited biographies to 2000

Globe and Mail: Historical Newspapers, 1844-2014, Includes every article, image, cartoon, advertisement, classified advertisement, birth and death notice published in the Globe and Mail (Vancouver residents library card needed)

Points to the Past, 1450-2008, primary source material, access to over half a million books and digitised newspapers such as The Economist and The Financial Times

Historical Photographs of BC and Yukon, historical photographs database provides access to over 30,000 images of Vancouver and British Columbia from the 1880s to the 1980s

Online Genealogy Research Guides


  • Getting Started
  • Genealogy Charts
  • Standards and Proof
  • Project Organization
  • Genealogy Software
  • Reading Old Records
  • Family Histories
  • Research at VPL
  • Using the Library Catalogue




Special Topics

[su_heading size=”20″]Onsite Collections [/su_heading]

Ancestry Library Edition, onsite access only




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