Victoria Newspapers 1858-1936 is a free searchable index of Historical Victoria Newspapers offered by Victoria’s Victoria. “This index contains four integrated collections, drawn from a number of newspapers published in Victoria between 1858 and 1932. If you use this database for research please acknowledge in your bibliography or notes: Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall, “Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers,” Victoria’s Victoria,, 2007-2013.”

“The index includes:
Colonist — from the beginning of publication, Dec. 1858, to 1901 for all incarnations of the Colonist including the British Colonist, the Daily Colonist and the Weekly British Colonist.
Victoria Gazette — from the beginning to end, June 1858 to July 1860
Victoria Daily Chronicle — for full run, 1862 to 1866
Victoria Daily Standard — June 20 1870 till 1873
Evening Express — April 1863 to Feb. 1865
Victoria Times and Evening Express — from Feb 1865, then sporadically”


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