Virtual Electronic Heritage System ( is the digital website of the National Library of Lithuania, under the direction of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania, for searching historical and cultural records of Lithuania.


About the collections:

“The project comprises digitization of books in Lithuanian of the 16th-20th c. and Lituanica publications; old periodical and cartographic publications issued both in Lithuania and by expatriate communities; small publications, e.g. government orders, decrees, proclamations, posters, bills; and numerous other documents reflecting various time periods. … judicial books of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from 1540-1845; church registers of birth, matrimony, and death; and archival documents.”

Online Collections:

Here’s a description of online collections at and below are direct links to those collections.


How to Search the Collections:

  • Type a query in Lithuanian into the red search window at and then copy and paste search results into Google Translate if you need a translation. You can also type your query into Google Translate, get the Lithuanian translation, and use that for your query at

ePaveldas online search for the Lithuanian National Library listed at OnGenealogy
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