Vitae Coins is a company that produces commemorative coins embedded with photos, documents, audio, or video of a person’s life.


Vitae Coins helps memorialize friends’ & loved ones’ stories by creating a coin you can fasten to a headstone or memorial. Visitors can scan the coin using any QR reader app to download the files and listen to, view, or read the attached files.


“When you purchase a Vitae Coin, you create a personalized memorial web page to share stories, photos, videos, and biographical information to chronicle the special person’s life. When you scan the coin with your smartphone, the personalized memorial web page opens. The coin can be affixed to a gravestone or other memorial grave marker, or kept as a personal keepsake. Vitae Coins® can also be personalized for your pet.  If you have other coins you would like to see, we welcome your suggestions.”


Vitae Coins Cost from $180 – $200

Here is an example Memorial Page from a scanned Vitae Coin.


See examples of Military Vitae Coins for purchase.


See examples of Other Vitae Coins available for purchase.



Vitae Coins is a Veteran-founded company and each purchase includes a tax-deductible donation to partnering non-profit organizations.


Vitae Coins listed at #OnGenealogy


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  1. We bought this service in 2019. Information has been sent in but nothing sent to us. We still want to do this. What do we do now. We have ithe receipt number and date and the person we went through. We paid in full.


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