The State Library of North Carolina and the State Archives of North Carolina have a website, North Carolina Family Records Online, with a War of 1812 Pay Vouchers collection online.

“War of 1812 Pay Vouchers consists of some 5000 vouchers, also called certificates. Vouchers were issued in lieu of cash by the governor after the auditor had validated a claim. The vast majority of the certificates were issued for military service by detached militia, either those called out to defend the coast in 1813 or companies ordered to rendezvous at Wadesboro in 1815. A few of the vouchers were for supplies furnished to the army. The certificates are on preprinted forms with the blanks filled in, and show voucher number, date of issue, the soldier’s name and rank, his captain’s name and county, and the amount due. When a voucher was redeemed, it was canceled by punching a hole through it. Vouchers are for 31 counties only.”

“The North Carolina Digital Collections contain over 90,000 historic and recent photographs, state government publications, manuscripts, and other resources on topics related to North Carolina. The Collections are free and full-text searchable, and bring together content from the State Archives of North Carolina and the State Library of North Carolina.”



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