Washington County Maryland Atlas 1877 is a free, digitized atlas hosted by Western Maryland’s Historical Library.

“The atlas is organized by election districts, which are the geographic units by which Maryland organizes elections and the collection of taxes. The districts do not themselves serve any other purpose, as in electing representatives or having taxation authority. In 1877 there were 19 districts, today there are 27.”

“The atlas contains information on property holders in the rural areas and in some of the small towns, for example Sharpsburg. In contrast the maps of Hagerstown show only lot numbers, churches and a few industries. The atlas also includes lists of patrons, presumable subscribers who paid in advance and had their names listed in the book. Some businesses are also listed on the relevant page, again presumably for a fee, since not all businesses are included.”

“Also included are toll houses, schools, churches, cemeteries, quarries and mills (some listed as G for grist, some as G & S for grist and saw mill) and several “col’d” facilities – churches and schools used by the African American population. The atlas also includes views of the residences of prominent citizens of the county and some of significant buildings like the Court House and St. James School.”


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